Its Just A Bad Day,Not A Bad Life!

86849-Its Just A Bad Day,Not A Bad Life

I think some days come straight from hell. And mostly, they appear just after you thought things are going well; your business or side hustle is growing, your family is happy, your love life couldn’t be better. Then poof -you suddenly having a terrible day; you get informed that your tax filling wasn’t successful so that’s a penalty incurred (yea perks of being a twenty something is that you have to know how to do your own taxes),, you get mugged,you lose a prospective client,your boyfriend is not replying your texts and things aren’t  just looking up. It just can’t stop.

You start to worry.A lot.You feel like losing your head, not forgetting your temper.It starts to feel like nobody cares, `well they are having their own bad day anyway.’ You feel alone and start to question a lot of things in your life.And soon, fear just takes over.You fear that the life you thought you were making for yourself is just far fetched and not forthcoming.You fear you are on the wrong path and all you are doing somehow doesn’t count.But you can`t let it show,something about acting like an adult.You fear you not acting adult enough(if there’s anything like that)And not knowing it,this fear is what holds us back from our tomorrow and slowly by slowly you tag along a lot of negativity with you.

I think that’s where we go wrong-letting today’s fears take away tomorrow’s  joy.Its okay not to know how to file your taxes.Its not your fault that you got mugged.And maybe that client  just wasn’t right from the word go.So find a way to shake off the bad streak and move on .Talk it out.Just because we have got into the dreaded adult world does not mean we can`t speak out.It’s not easy being like a duck; calm on the outside but paddling like hell in the inside. It’s even harder to ask for help but I find talking about a bad day with someone who gets you, really helpful. Someone that will remind you that one day you will sit back, remember this day and laugh about it.

What I’ve learned to remind myself is that this too shall pass. Today’s trouble will one day seem like a small hitch not so long from now.There will be more days to go through,good or bad. And I’ll be wondering what the heck I was worried about. Why did I let a beautiful sunset pass me by just because the day wasn’t going as I wanted it to. Or why did I miss an opportunity to put a smile across a stranger`s face. Or why did I not stop by the mirror and stare back at the lovely reflection and just take it all in (I would have said fall in love with myself but you’d call it narcissism right?)

Stop and smell the roses. We tend to lose sight of all the good things during our bad days.Sit back and reflect on how far you’ve come,the challenges you have endured and how much that means to you.You will soon realize your life has nothing to do with it.So the next time you having a bad day just remind yourself,its just a bad day,not a bad life!

Love and Love,



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