Grown and Twenty:5 Things Nobody Told Me About Being A Twenty Something


It didn’t hit me that I was in my twenties till I was almost two years into it(okay stop figuring out my age now).At first this wave of panic and insecurity came over me and the `You growing old’ voice in my head just got louder. Then my usual `Breathe in it’s gonna be okay attitude took over. Over the days I`ve been piling up the `okay I didn’t know that moments’ and I hope you can relate with some of them.


 That I Won`t Have it Figured it Out

Anyone who made timeline lists in their teens? I was one of them. I came across it the other day and boy I should be so far from where I am now. I don’t know whether it was a craze or just one of those OCD moments .At times it scares me to see that I haven’t figured out almost half of what was in there. It makes me freak out about the future. But I have learnt that it’s okay to be where I am as long as am taking steps to be where I want to be. One of my favorite reads Buddhism for Beginners also has my favorite quote, Everything right now is as it should be. So take a breather, work to become better than you were yesterday and don’t pressure yourself with would have and could have.

That How I Look Really Matters

I have always been the basic, very laid back kinda person when it comes to how I look. I mean good sweatpants and a hoodie any day. But growing up, I have realized the need to be taken more seriously, to get people to listen to what I have to say. It all boils down to the first impression. And now am more aware of how I look, what I portray to others about myself. Time for all those excuses (I don’t have time’. ‘looking good is a lot of money‘) is long gone. A healthy body not only shows commitment and discipline but also someone who takes care of themselves. That’s a plus, not just in business but also in your love life. Get moving, spruce up your wardrobe and eat healthy.

That My Network is My Net Worth.

I have grown up an introvert. Many people would disagree with that but that’s a story of another day. I am not afraid of meeting new people and making friends. I just love my little space, filled with all things me and no, don’t call me self-absorbed. But I am still coming into terms with the sad reality that this little space won`t get me so far.Getting to know and maintain friendships with the right kind of people is a skill that all twenty somethings need to learn and appreciate. You may find that just getting to know one person takes your business or your personal life to a whole new level .So go for the next wedding, conference,expo or social event you get a chance to be invited to. Even if you don’t learn anything, at least meet someone or two.

To Read a Little

Relax. I am not talking about the long dreary books the system made us read. (Though some were quite interesting).When is the last time you picked a newspaper or a business journal and actually read it with a purpose? And hey am not talking about the pull out pages with images of hot curvy models or gossip for headlines. Getting to know what issues are affecting the nation or how the shilling is performing won`t hurt much. On the contrary it goes a long way in helping aspects of your life such as your next big interview or business pitch. Needless to say men who sound intelligent suddenly seem so attractive. Just saying.

That Obsessive Comparison Disorder will bite me once in a while

I remember in high school being asked to come with a stipulated amount of junk food. And err they were not concerned about the inches on my waistline but `to make us feel equal’. To me, that’s the worst thinking you can ever entitle a growing adult to. A few years down the line, it hits them hard that this is a playground for the haves and have not’s. They will lose friends along the way simply because they can`t compete with them socially and  as a result, they will find themselves keeping up with the joneses.Spending more than you can afford to compete with others will soon leave you feeling frustrated and less equal. The truth is that when you begin to accept and become aware of where you are in life is when you really become yourself. You understand that it doesn’t mean you are undeserving of any love or incapable of achieving whatever it is you want. You are just at different places. And that is okay.

Love and Love,



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